Company Overview

DogTech® International was founded in 1996 by John Richardson and is one of Australia’s leading Pet Services/Dog Training companies.

Our gentle, reward based Whisper Wise® Dog training methods are appreciated by dog lovers everywhere.

DogTech® supports local council/community doggy day events, local RSPCA chapters, Rescue groups, and Animal shelters in our areas of operation. We are active in hospitals & aged care facilities with companion dogs, provide workplace dog safety lectures, and contribute free or discounted training for rescued dogs.

Our Mission

DogTech® believes our canine friends have a desire to be a contributing member of our human family ‘pack’; that most problems we encounter are communication failures; that dogs and humans can communicate and live in harmony by learning and following the principals of our Whisper Wise® methods.

Our Mission is to promote greater understanding and effective communication by sharing our gentle, rewards based Whisper Wise® training methods with dog lovers and their dogs.

Services & Products

DogTech® offers a wide range of Services & Products including:

  • Puppy schools
  • In-home puppy set-up & training
  • Group adolescent training
  • In-home behaviour training
  • Dog training books
  • 100% Natural, healthy dog training treats
  • Dog training DVD’s & CD’s
  • Doggy equipment
  • Franchise business opportunity

About our Founder, John Richardson

DogTech International was founded by John Richardson, better known as ‘The Dog Whisperer’®  and his credentials included:

  • Accredited Behavioral Training Therapist (AAPDT)
  • Accredited Temperament Assessor
  • Diploma of Business (Franchising)
  • Certificate IV – A&WT
  • Accredited Companion Animal Hygienist
  • Internationally best-selling Author
  • Award winning Public Speaker
  • Certified Counselor
  • Diploma in Hypnotics Science & Psychology
  • Former Vice-President of the Police Citizens Youth Club
  • 30+ years Dog Training experience

John also ran workshops and seminars to help RSPCA Inspectors and Council Pound Inspectors to understand how to deal with aggression in some of the dogs they are confronted with. He had been in dog training for well over 30 years, building a very successful Pet Services/ Dog Training organization - DogTech® International. *Franchises are available.

Sadly, John passed away in early February 2014.  However, his understanding of dogs’ behaviour and  wealth of experience in training thousands of dogs over the years, has been passed on to DogTech’s network of DogTech instructors, who follow his gentle but effective methods of canine behavioural modification and obedience training.

More information on John and his secrets may be found in his books, ‘The Dog Whisperer©’ and ‘Whispers of Wisdom©’.