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Area: Central Victoria

My name is Averil Coe and I am a graduate of the Dogtech® International Behavioural training program. I am the Dogtech dog trainer for Central Victoria, including the Shepparton and Bendigo areas. I have been involved in training dogs and in working with people for many years.

Using our positive, easy to follow techniques, I am committed to helping you establish a harmonious relationship with your pets based on love, trust, and leadership.

My speciality: I specialise in assisting dog owners find gentle solutions for all doggy problems such as

  • Nuisance barking
  • Destructive behaviour
  • Jumping
  • Toileting in the house
  • Obedience – come – sit – stay – down
  • Leash pulling
  • Separation anxiety and all fear related issues
  • Interdog aggression

In-home service: A dog’s home environment is the centre of his/her life and in many cases the source of any behavioural problems. Therefore it makes sense that your dog’s home and surrounding neighbourhood is the most effective training location.

I will work with you to develop a custom tailored training program that suits you and your dog’s personality, your lifestyle, your schedule, and your goals.

Fast results: With a commitment from the family, our behavioural modification program will produce the canine companion that you have always wanted.

In-home puppy training: I can share the right techniques for you to get your puppy started with proper behaviour at an early age without the fear of exposing him/her to unknDSC01880owns prior to completion of vaccinations.

Puppy pre-schools: From age 8 to 16 weeks is the crucial time for socialising, implementing boundaries, toilet training, and guiding your puppy in the right behaviours—avoiding many of the problems puppies often develop. Our Puppy pre-schools are conducted in a fun and easy to learn environment— Plus you will meet other new dog owners—humans love socialising too!

Adolescent & Adult Group obedience classes & K9 Socialisation Clubs: Join in these controlled, fun environments for on-going socialisation and basic manners using positive rewards.

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October 2013

Hi Averil

Just wanted to touch base with this:

Last night I sat on my back verandah – Ayewe, our cheeky 15 mth Staffy, was sitting at my feet. We stared out at our back yard and watched as the sun went down.
It wasn’t until much later that I realised how long she sat there….No jumping, biting, yelping, climbing or tail chasing.

She simply sat, happy and content to be a dog.

We still have a long way to go but for us it was a monumental moment and we cannot thank you enough for teaching us how to turn our beautiful little monster into the dog that she is supposed to be.
Averil and DogTech you are a star! Xoxox

V Taylor, Shepparton


September, 2013

We first met Averil of DogTech when Arnie, our lovelable English Pointer, was a puppy. She came out and took us through the Life Start Puppy Program. That was about 4 years ago.

I’m a hairdresser Averil and I see each other on a regular basis.  She generally asks me how Arnie is going and generally I say “Good”.

However one part of Arnie’s life was not good – he was terrified of thunder and loud noises.  Since we live near the Puckapunyal Army base this means heavy artillery and bombing practice.  Poor Arnie.  He was jumping fences or getting under them and taking off.  He had been picked up a couple of times miles up the Hume Hwy.  We had to do something.

After a couple of visits and following the program Averil gave us, which included a special Thunder therapy, Arnie is no longer the nervous wreck he was.

We would recommend DogTech to anyone,

Thank you Averil.
Julie & Paul, Seymour.


April 2013


My first encounter with Averil Coe of Dogtech was when I took my new 12 week old Cavalier X Poodle (Cooper) to her Puppy classes. It was during these sessions that I learnt many useful skills in how to teach Cooper all the basic commands of sit, stay, come etc. This was always demonstrated by Averil in a gentle, calm, yet assertive way and I was then able to put what I’d learnt into practise with my new puppy, confidently knowing that Averil was always there to help and guide me further, should I need it. I for one learnt a lot from these classes and found Averil very knowledgeable in her techniques and very approachable, to answer any of my questions.

When Cooper was 7 months old, we decided to introduce another dog into our household, as a playmate for him. Georgi was a 10 month old Lhasa Apso Mix that we rescued through Homeless Hounds. Although she settled in fairly well, we still had a few issues that needed to be addressed. Unfortunately Georgi had come to us with no basic training and pulled terribly on the lead. We also had issues with Cooper trying to assert his dominance over everybody in the family (since her arrival) and he had also started to become reactive at times, with other dogs. He seemed to feel the need to protect Georgi and was showing obvious signs of stress.  Something we hadn’t anticipated and didn’t know how to handle. Needless to say things in the Tan household became quite disruptive at times.

As a result I arranged for Averil to do some home visits to help us get things back on track. Averil really listened to our concerns and was able to come up with strategies, techniques and advice that helped us regain our positions as pack leader and she worked tirelessly showing us how to overcome the problems we were experiencing with Cooper and Georgi and to ultimately restore calm and balance back to our household.

I’m happy to say things have much improved and the dogs now know their place in the hierarchy and Georgi walks beautifully on the lead. Cooper is much less reactive, but above all (thanks to Averil & DogTech), we are now better pack leaders and have the confidence to know how to deal with any issues, as and when they arise and are enjoying  teaching Cooper and Georgi how to be model pooches.

Averil was thoroughly professional, throughout her dealings with us. She was easy to talk to and very encouraging.  It was so good knowing she was just a phone call away whenever we needed help or support and it was obvious to us that she was thoroughly committed to achieving the best possible outcome for all concerned.

Therefore we would not hesitate to recommend Averil and the Dogtech philosophy to dog owners both established and new, who may require some help and guidance in being a good pack leader and ultimately, raising a well behaved pooch that just about anyone would be proud to own.

Thanks Averil, couldn’t have done it without you!

Kind regards,

Teresa & Eddy Tan

Kangaroo Flat, Bendigo


pet carers logoTestimonial for Averil Coe-Dogtech

I have witnessed Averil’s interaction’s with dogs and she is a delight to watch. She has a calm, professional, caring approach to her dog training, and in the way she imparts her knowledge to dog owners. I have recommended Averil to my own clients, who are in need of an experienced, extremely knowledgeable dog trainer. I believe you will be doing the very best for yourself and your dog, by engaging Averil of Dogtech for your dog behaviour solutions.

Kind regards,

Sharon Moore, Owner
Petcarers Bendigo and Ballarat


March, 2013

Averil and DogTech have been a life saver for us and our Labrador pup Milli. When I first contacted Dogtech we were having big issues with Milli.  She had become very aggressive around food and mealtimes and much of the aggression seemed to be aimed at me. There were times when I felt quite frightened especially if I was on my own with her.

When Averil came out to see us she spent time assessing Milli, looking at our daily routine and then explaining where we had gone off track in our training of Milli.  She also showed us what to do to change the situation so we could move forward. The DogTech methods were very practical and had easy steps to follow and we literally saw results within 24 hours.

(I should also mention that early in the program Milli and I had a bit of a run in one morning after my husband had gone to work.  I called Averil in tears and she was so supportive and helpful and we got through that crisis!)

These days Milli is much happier, obedient and also relaxed around her food and mealtimes.  Thanks Averil!

K & C Bodilly, Wallan



28 January 2013

We first met Averil of DogTech at puppy pre-school, which the family and Nelly thoroughly enjoyed.

We live in a semi rural area and recently Nelly had begun to take off on explorations all of her own which was causing us a lot of concern.  The Council Ranger had brought her home on one occasion – so we clearly needed help with the situation.

Averil came to our home and we found that the DogTech training methods and style were very useful in helping us get control of our dog.

Averil uses simple but effective techniques that are easy to remember and have helped us immensely.

Nelly is now a delight to walk, has a routine and more importantly knows her place in the family … at the bottom of the pack!  She is such a gorgeous dog and is no longer a source of worry, rather, she provides a great deal of enjoyment for all family members.

Thank you so much for all your help in teaching us to train Nelly.

Kind regards
Adam and Jeannie F.


26th January, 2012

During the course of 2012 I was called out to help an 11 year old female foxy.  As a young dog she had been found abused and abandoned by some extremely caring people.  It took her new owners many months to gain her trust and eventually she started to let them pat her.  However, over the years, she continued to be very aggressive whenever guests or visitors approached her and this was becoming a real problem for her owners – especially with the prospect of a houseful of visitors over the Christmas and January period.

We worked for some weeks with Kaine using the DogTech methods and gradually she became more relaxed and less aggressive – tho she still wouldn’t let anybody but her owners touch her.  Because Kaine was an older dog we realized that it could take some time to undo so many years of learned behaviours. Imagine my delight when, on Christmas day, I received the following message on Facebook:

“Hi, merry Xmas. Just wanted to let you know how Kaine’s doing with so many people [in the house]. She’s been really good! A couple people have stroked her and got a lead on and off! A very quiet and calm dog. Thanks for helping make her a lovely dog. Have a great new year!   x S”

This was the best Christmas present I could have received!!
12 December 2012

Dear Averil,

Thank you for the photos and your kind thoughts. Also a big ‘thank you’ for welcoming us to your DogTech puppy classes, we strongly recommend you to anyone with young dogs. Marianne and I had, and successfully taught, all kinds of dogs for the past 43 years, but we learned a great deal from you. As for Nicky … well, we went to the vet today for Nicky’s third C5 injection, and he happily wandered into the surgery, fully expecting to see ‘everyone’ there. He is doing really well, is surprisingly obedient, and very often hilariously funny – we wouldn’t want to change him for the world!

Best wishes for the coming festive season
Albrecht & Marianne

August 2012

Averil of DogTech has helped us to better understand our out of control 8 month old Cavalier, Maggie. She barked continuously and listened to instructions only when it suited her. Walking her was a major effort as she pulled on the lead and barked at cars and would also jump up at people to say hello.

Through the techniques we have learned from DogTech our puppy is now relaxed and a pleasure to be with and these issues are fast becoming a thing of the past. She now looks to us for guidance and hangs on our every instruction with eager anticipation. She looks forward to her training sessions as she seems to enjoy the mental stimulation. I am impressed, we all are! Our son Jordan has since taught her to shake, high five and commando crawl. He enjoys and is still shocked by the fact that she listens to him and is so keen to learn. She is now lovely to be with and we are all really enjoying her company.

One thing we did learn from DogTech was that the behaviour problem was caused by us – she was just being a dog! We can’t stress how important it is to re-learn how we raise our dogs and the importance of learning their language through DogTech.


Gwen S. and family

20 August 2012

Looking back, it’s now quite clear that Lucy (our White German Shepherd X) was quite an anxious dog from the day we brought her home. She never seemed to be able to relax or calm down. She is a very intelligent girl, and learnt commands almost instantly, but was very defiant, and chose when she wanted to obey those commands or not. We were recommended by our vet to attend the DogTech puppy pre-school with Trainer, Averil.  We found it was a great way to socialise Lucy and get a real hold of the important commands we use day-to-day, plus we received excellent advice on caring for Lucy by way of feeding, bathing, grooming, and much more.

It wasn’t until we brought home our second puppy, Teddy (12 months after Lucy) that we fully realised just how highly strung and anxious Lucy was. Puppy School had given us a great start in training, but it was clear that we needed help at home tackling Lucy’s anxiety.  Lucy was constantly pacing, running at the fence and barking, pulling on the lead and she was also displaying aggressive behaviour towards me.

Averil was extremely professional and was able to quickly identify the causes of Lucy’s problems. She then gave us hands-on training on how to combat these issues. In a matter of weeks, we are now able to walk Lucy, instead of her taking us for a run! She is much calmer, and, with a feeding routine put in place by Averil, she is now eating properly and has gained back some of the condition that she desperately needed. We are no longer woken through the night to Lucy’s incessant barking at nothing. Lucy’s aggressive behaviour towards me has also stopped and she is a much happier girl.

Both Lucy and Teddy completed Puppy School with Averil of DogTech and this, combined with the in-home intensive therapy, both our ‘fur babies’ are going really well. We are so grateful to Averil and DogTech, she has given us back the enjoyment in owning our dogs.

Emily & Mike W.
Golden Square, Bendigo


My Testimonial of Averil & DogTech®

If I can do it — with Averil’s help — anyone can!

In 2002 I suffered a severe nervous breakdown, and at times I still struggle. It is very much one day at a time.

I am an animal & dog lover, and I realize that I need them more than they need me. They give me unconditional love, and help me get through those very dark times.

But I smothered them.

A couple of months before I met Averil I had made the very dreadful decision to have my beautiful mastiff/red healer cross — Jess — euthanized. She had become completely unmanageable and was a danger to people and herself.

After her death, I fell deeper & deeper into the Black Hole.

Magic entered my life



In the middle of this hell, a beautiful black Labradoodle –timid & gentle, and needing a good home –came into my life.

Her name is Magic — and she is magic.



I Discovered DogTech®

I was so scared that I would make the same mistakes with her and I knew I needed help. That’s when I found out about DogTech®.

I made inquiries, and Averil gave me a call. Just hearing her calm, soothing voice as she described the DogTech® program, I knew I had found the right person.

Stress, Fear, and Tears

I was very stressed about having a stranger come into my home. And scared about what I might have to do. Almost as soon as we sat down and started to talk, the tears & deep sadness about Jess just overflowed.

Averil calmly helped me through my distress and then showed me what I needed to do in order to help Magic.

The DogTech® Program Works!

The DogTech® program was quite straight forward -- but some of it really pushed my buttons!

I realized I needed to actually be a Leader for Magic — not the other way around! This was the first time in my whole life that I had taken on this role!! Gradually I found doing this easier, and when Averil came out for the second visit, I think she was very pleased with how well Magic and I had done.

Today Magic is a happy, calm girl, who knows what her role is in our family.

Thank you Averil.

Fondest regards, Gwen Hall

25th November 2010

Dear Averil,

I’m writing to you to let you know how impressed and at ease I was when I met you. You were caring and very professional.

You were helpful and reassured me that what you were asking us to do           ( The DogTech® methods ) would work.

Aggressive, Nervy, & Barking

Before you came out, Pumpkin – a Jack Russell/Foxy cross, was being very aggressive towards my brother James, — and at times, with me as well. She was also nervy and barked a lot. I could see she wasn’t happy -- and we certainly weren’t happy with her!

In the first two weeks of the program I could see a difference in my dog. I know that now I am being the Leader for her. It has also helped with Pumpkin’s anxiety & aggression – and most of the barking has stopped.

Emergency Session

I appreciated that you were willing to come out and do an “emergency” session to help James handle Pumpkin as he had become quite fearful that she would bite him — of course his fear had made her worse!

Needless to say, we are all a lot calmer and happier now!!

Thank you so much,  — From, Deborah, James, and Pumpkin Platts

5th October 2010

To Whom it May Concern

This is to thank Averil Coe from DogTech for helping me with Bullet — my staffy/bullmastiff  X.

Bullet was about 9 months old when Averil came to see us. He had become a real handful – jumping up, running away, and not listening. We also have two smaller foxy crosses and my wife was becoming very concerned about him spatting with the older male.

Basically it was a case of either get the dog sorted out or get rid of him! In fact, several of my friends had already recommended I get him put down.

Averil came out and explained to us how dogs think, and how the pack pecking order works. She took me through some easy exercises with Bullet and the change in his manner was already starting to show by the end of the session. She gave us some things to do with him till she came back.

Two weeks later and Bullet is a different dog — calmer, obedient, and much nicer to have around. The smaller dogs are also calmer and the spatting has ceased. My wife is happy, my mates are impressed – and I am rapt!

Not only have I saved my dog, I now have an animal that is a pleasure to have with me in the yard. I run my business from home so it’s important to have a dog that is polite with callers, but will also act as a bit of a deterrent to would be intruders.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Averil and DogTech® to anyone with a problem dog that needs sorting out.

Sincerely, Rob Oakley — Kialla, Vic

28th June 2010

Hi Averil,

We received our puppy as a ‘House Warming’ present -  just what everyone needs! He is said to be a Maltese Terrier x Shi Tzu named Charlie. At about the same time our son brought home a Bull Arab pup called Jess.

Charlie has remained a small dog, but Jess has grown into a large, solid, house destroying, lovable monster.

Both are about two years old. Our son and Jess traveled around the country for a while –coming home on the odd occasions with Jess being left behind sometimes until our son moved away and Jess stayed.

No one knew who was boss, or what the system was. There was no structure between the two dogs or us.

Taking Jess for a walk was non-existent as she was too strong, uncontrollable and had sometimes escaped us and run onto the highway barking and growling at anything that moved. She had become very aggressive and over protective of me (the mum of all of this!). If any one walked past the front of the house, if the neighbors where in their yard, or if someone stopped at the conveniences or picnic area across the highway (including a lot of heavy transport vehicles) Jess would be trying to attack them through the front windows or the side gate.

Jess was very trainable, but we had no idea where to start or how to work with two totally different dogs. I had looked at a few methods of training, but I was not confident with any of them.

Whilst on a visit to the Vets, I picked up a brochure with the Dogtech® details. As soon as we were home I looked at the website and became a bit excited so I sent off an email explaining our situation — that evening I received a return phone call from Averil and immediately found someone who could relate to my distress.

A time was set for the first appointment and MY retraining began. ( I did not have to go through the stress of taking the dogs anywhere either!)

Over the following weeks I went through every emotion and worked diligently at the dogs training and my thinking. The results have been nothing short of amazing!

Just by implementing some simple strategies such as sleeping arrangements, tethering, and toys, has made a huge difference in our household and we enjoy putting these things into place as the dogs are so much more relaxed and know what is going on.

It is now a few weeks since our final session with Averil, and the improvements have continued. We still have some issues that will take a bit longer to be resolved, but they are definitely improving.

I purchased the book, The Dog Whisperer®, by John Richardson, from Averil, and it is a great resource book when explaining to everyone else what and why we are implementing these different strategies. Our neighbors are the ones that have really noticed the peace and quiet and the front room curtains are not under threat any more.

Our walks are even becoming enjoyable!

Our son returned home for a weeks leave and he was really surprised to see the new Jess.

We cannot thank John Richardson, DogTech®, and Averil Coe enough for their insights, thought provoking ideas and for being able to give us back out family.

Judith Wakeham and Family

4th May 2010

Hi Averil,

Hope you are well. Thank you very much for your help with Jaxon.

We had some great success with the training program used by DogTech. Our staffie Jaxon was a very dominant fellow and quite stressed out before we met Averil Coe of Dogtech.

Averil helped us gain more control over Jaxon, adjusting his belief that he was the ‘leader of the pack’.  It did not take long to notice the changes in Jaxon. He is now much better at socializing with other dogs and does not get as distracted or stirred up by things going on around him.

Jaxon seems to enjoy the training as he has to think quite hard and it is also one-on-one time that he gets to spend with us.

Not only did the Dogtech program settle Jaxon, it has also given us some life long techniques to keep Jaxon on track.

Thanks again,

Amy Ferguson & Adam Harrap –Arcadia, Victoria — Australia

25th February 2010

Hi Averil

It has been a great pleasure to have had your support in helping us deal with our puppy Ellie, who as you know, is a real live wire!!!

You have been a great teacher and your techniques and ideas were simple and easy to follow. This made it easy for us to practice. We were surprised at how quickly Ellie responded to some of the commands you had suggested.

Your caring, but firm attitude and your knowledge about how dogs think, gave us insight into why and how our puppy is the way she is. We were impressed by your calm attitude which was not threatening, both to Ellie and us,–this gave us the confidence that we can achieve our goal.

We have been practicing the techniques you have suggested; sometimes our puppy can be challenging, but with persistence she will excel, just like us.

I am particularly amazed at how we humans need training also, in relating to our dog.

We would definitely recommend you & Dogtech to our friends and will not hesitate to contact you if the need arises again!

Thanks again, Best wishes,

Russell, Ghandi, and Ellie

4th December 2009
Having two energetic Blue Heelers, I have tried many methods to get them to behave, but being smart dogs they adjusted to these techniques quickly and would go back to ignoring me.

I found the techniques, which Averil Coe from Dogtech taught me, to be gentle yet firm. Also, Averil helped me better understand a dog’s body language and how they react to ours.

I highly recommend giving Dogtech a call to help with your furry family. The training methods have helped bring me closer to my Blue Heelers and it is great to have them respond to my commands.

The training is fun and doesn’t feel like it takes too much time out of each day.

Sincerely, Wanda Hayes

1 February 2010 — Tracy’s Grooming Service

My name is Tracy Collett, I am the owner and manager of the above business. I contacted Averil Coe from Dogtech late 2009 with some issues with my three dogs. We got together early 2010. Molly is a 2 year old Boxer bitch, Mater is a 1 year old Boxer male, and Punch is a 14 week old Boxer puppy.

My previous dogs (some years ago) had all been to obedience training. I had trialled some of them with success. So I didn’t think these dogs would be an issue!!!

The issues with Mater were, when I was walking him he was totally unmanageable, refusing to obey commands. I put it down to being his immaturity. He was so attached to me, that I couldn’t even have a shower without him banging on the bathroom door to be near me. Wherever I was, he was one step behind me. Also, he would not come back when called. He would take off, running around with his nose in the air, ignoring me.

Molly’s issues (I didn’t think she had any!!!! – Until Averil came out), were excessive barking and growling when anyone entered the house (even my husband and very close friends). She was very protective of myself and the house. According to Averil, she saw her job as being leader of the pack. Walking her was not an issue.

Punch was introduced to a puppy program. This program was fun and most enjoyable.

Averil came and explained to us what the dogs were doing and gave simple methods to help us. Within a week of following her instructions, we all noticed that Molly was much better with the barking and actually allowed people into the house without too much fuss. She still barks to let us know when someone arrives, but does not continue to bark. Matter is much better with the separation issues and is starting to come when called. Punch is learning very quickly and is a pleasure to train.

Averil’s knowledge, gentle teaching methods and professional advice have helped us overcome our small, but significant problems with our dogs. I can now enjoy my dogs.

I have no hesitation in recommending Averil and the Dogtech program to anyone that has a problem with their dog, no matter how small!!!

Tracy Collett, Tracys Grooming Service

28 March 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

Our dog Doug is a 10month old blue heeler x.  It didn’t take long before Doug was destroying our property and also the neighbour’s belongings.  We were starting to notice a few character traits that we did not like nor know how to control, eg: excessive barking, chewing (everything), nipping and what I call “arrogance”.

I had first met Averil, from DogTech, at Puppy pre-school which Doug thoroughly enjoyed.  When I contacted Averil again to discuss our problem she and I decided that a little one-on-one training would best suit Doug.

Averil came out to see us and immediately identified Doug’s behavioural issues.  She then provided me with advice, training techniques and most importantly, support.  What I liked most was that she never rushed me or Doug.  She was calm and assertive and we continued until I had control and felt comfortable.  Averil set up boundaries and routines for us to follow and provided clear explanations about why she was asking us to do these things.  This is important when you have a partner that is slightly sceptical of dog training (joke).

Then we put theory into practice.  Averil taught me the some simple training exercises and also gave us a list of does and don’ts for a regular training routine for the next 2 weeks.  Within 1 one week of regular training, Doug was already improving.

One month later and one more visit from Averil, Doug is wonderful!  He is still not perfect, but he has changed so much that even my sceptical partner is impressed.  We are now controlling his barking and notice his personality is no longer stressed.  I have not had to replace any neighbour’s toys either!  Doug is calm and content, playful and happy.  He looks forward to our training sessions and the time we spend with him.

Thank you Averil and DogTech for helping bring the best out in our Doug.

Leisa Delahey

18 May 2011

Dear Averil,

I write to thank you for helping me understand and correct the behaviours of my two seven-year-old beagles, Billie and Bonnie.

Billie had become aggressive towards other dogs to the point where I was nervous taking her for a walk. She was also beginning to teach her sister Bonnie similar behaviours. You showed me what I needed to do to correct her behaviour and gave me an understanding of why it began in the first place.

The sessions were enjoyable, informative and rather easy to practice on my own. I am proud to say that Billie is now for the most part, the calm, loving beagle that I remember, who I enjoy walking again and her sister Bonnie is back to her lazy, stubborn and laid back self. We where even able to successfully do the million paws walk, a big day for Billie.

I would and do recommend DogTech and you, Averil, to anyone who has a dog, as you can never have too much knowledge when trying to understand our four-legged friends.

Thanks again,

Leanne, Billie and Bonnie – Shepparton

8 August 2011

To Averil of DogTech:

We have a much loved six-year-old Jack Russell named Rastus, who over the last year or so had nipped several people, mostly children, when they tried to pat him, or come close.  We thought our only option was to have him put down, so we put off contacting the RSPCA or vet, and kept him away from people in the meantime.

When we finally contacted the RSPCA, they strongly suggested us contacting a good dog behaviour specialist …we made some enquiries … and found DogTech. We were so relieved to hear that it was possible to retrain him and also to be able to do it in our own home in Rastus’ familiar environment––minimal stress for everyone. And we were able to keep our dog!  We had two training sessions, which included instruction to the children in reinforcing his place in the family.

Both Averil, and the DogTech methods, have been such a blessing to our family. From the very first contact on the phone Averil was sensitive and encouraging, and gave us hope.  She gave me very clear instructions on preparing for her first visit, and all throughout, she was very gentle and supportive as well as firm and encouraging, when appropriate, with our dog.  She was very patient with me, always giving me time to ask questions and to clarify her instructions so that I could continue the training correctly. She is a patient and empathetic teacher, and taught me well.

On that first visit, I learned there were many things that needed to be done differently, but they were all simple things and she gave us some daily training exercises to do with Rastus as well. Well the change in our dog was amazing over the next few weeks. By following Averil’s instructions, I was empowered to teach him, and he became less nervous, more secure and settled.

Even now, some months since we saw Averil, people we know continue to make comments on how quiet and settled he is now.  Not only did Averil teach us how to treat him, but she reviewed all Rastus’ needs, including his diet, and the simple changes made a noticeable difference.  While we were learning, she encouraged us to call her if we had any concerns at anytime, which was very comforting.

Of course the training/reinforcing continues, and we ‘train’ our visitors in how to manage him too.  Rastus looks forward to training sessions still, and we can enjoy him, though in different ways, that maintain him securely where he fits in the family. When we recently had someone (with no experience at all with dogs) house-sit for four weeks,  he was willing to mind Rastus. So, armed with much of what Averil taught us, he was quite confident to ‘have a go’, and both of them really enjoyed  that four weeks, and our friend is now looking forward to having a dog of his own.

If you were to ask Averil, she will tell you that Rastus was a very hard customer when we started, but DogTech training has made the world of difference to him, and to me. Thank you!
Linda, Kevin, Courteney, Brooke and Rastus




4th April, 2012

Thank you Averil of DogTech for helping our family so much.  We really appreciated your coming out to see us as we are all now on the same page.  We now understand why our dogs were not responding to us in the positive way we would like.  It is not what they are doing but what we are not doing that is causing the problems!!

We have started being good leaders of our “pack” and our dogs have calmed down considerably.  Our dogs no longer rush past us and out of their runs, walk away when called and stare blankly at us when asked to sit!!  They are respectful and courteous and we are beginning to enjoy them.  We still have some work to do with one of our dogs but we are slowly getting there and, now we know what to do, we know will finally succeed in developing a more mutually respectful relationship.

Christine C. & Family
Goornong, Victoria


May 2012

A huge BIG thank you to you Averil for being such a fabulous Puppy Trainer. We recently attended the DogTech classes at our local vet clinic.  Austin, our puggle, had a ball and is rapidly becoming a good little boy :) Averil also helped me from the very beginning when being a puppy mum was very overwhelming and somewhat scary. Who knows, maybe one day I too will be working with little pups… they’re just adorable.

Dannielle, Bendigo, Victoria



7 June, 2012

Just want to say a huge thank you to Averil and DogTech! We own a Beagle, Marley who was digging out 2-3times a day, was jumping all over us and was just getting out of control! This was our last hope, we didn’t know what to do! It’s been a few months now since Averil came to visit and since then Marley’s attitude has changed – she no longer jumps all over us, she is no longer frightened of Thunder and the biggest thing is she hasn’t dug out!  So, thank you!!

Jacinta , Tatura, Victoria