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My name is Olga Hromow and I am a graduate of the DogTech® International Behavioural training program and a professional member of APDT.

I am also an advanced senior instructor involved in training new DogTech® members throughout Australia and Internationally.

With over 16 years dog behavioural experience I am committed in helping you to establish a harmonious relationship with your pet based on love, trust and guided leadership.

Olga Hromow Dogtech Dog Trainer Sydney
Olga Hromow – DogTech Sydney
My Dog – BABS Pug – Grand ol’ lady, 16 years old. Thank you for all the joy and mischief you have brought into our lives. Also for the many years of service you have given to others through pet companion therapy. Babs has now retired to enjoy many lazy days frolicking in the sun

Our Mission: Is to provide a greater understanding and to effectively communicate by sharing our gentle rewards based “Whisper Wise”® training methods with dog-lovers and their canine friends!

Services Provided

Puppy Pre-schools

8 – 16 weeks

Individual Behavioural Strategies

In home puppy set ups

Group Brat Camps for adolescent and adult dogs

Multi-dog household strategies including rescue dogs

My Specialty

Is in assisting dog owners find the right training solution for all their doggy behavioural problems

  • Fear based behaviours including aggression
  • Separation issues and anxiety
  • Destructive behaviour
  • Excessive barking
  • Car and Bike chasing
  • Digging
  • Pulling washing off clothes line
  • In-home toilet training
  • Settling in your new puppy at home

In Home Consultations

A dog’s home environment is the centre of their universe. In many cases the source of where behavioural problems may occur. Therefore, it makes sense that your dog’s home and surrounding neighbourhood is the most effective training location.


I will implement and develop a custom tailored training program that suits your family, your dog’s personality, your lifestyle, your schedule and set achievable goals.

Phone consultations are welcome in between sessions

Fast Results

With a commitment from the family, our behavioural strategies will produce the canine companion that you have always wished for.

Puppy Schools and Individual Sessions

For puppies aged 8 to 16 weeks – this is a crucial time for socialising your puppy and implementing boundaries, house training, and guiding your puppy in good behaviours. Therefore avoiding many problems puppies often develop.

We also cover nutrition to ensure healthy eating habits, play biting, basic obedience and building trust with their new found family.

Brat Camp: for adolescent and adult dogs

In Group sessions learn the value of communicating, gently and intelligently with your best friend, using effective Whisper Wise® training methods.

Join us with your dog for on-going socialising and learn how to enhance positive behaviours and obedience. Establish strong foundations for your family and pet while having fun.


Puppy School Locations

Pet O - Annandale

Saturdays – 1.30pm to 2.45pm

Woollahra Veterinary Hospital - Woollahra

Tuesday evenings – 7.00pm to 8.30pm

North Randwick Veterinary Hospital - Randwick

Wednesday evenings – 7.15pm to 8.30pm

Duration: 3 weeks

Additional Services Offered

  • Council workshops/seminars

  • Training and volunteering at pet rescue shelters

  • Pet therapy/pet prep - child education in schools

Whether you are planning on raising a new puppy or currently have a dog with behavioural problems give me a call for a FREE assessment……..I can assist you!

Suburbs: Alexandria, Annandale,Balmain,Balmain East,Banksmeadow,Barangaroo,Beaconsfield,Bellevue Hill,Birchgrove,Bondi,Bondi Beach,Bondi Junction,Bondi ,Junction Plaza,Botany,Bronte,Camperdown,Centennial Park,Chifley,Chippendale,Chippendale,Chiswick,Clovelly,Clovelly West,Coogee,Daceyville,Darling Point,Darlinghurst,Darlington,Dawes Point,Double Bay,Dover Heights,Drummoyne,Dulwich Hill,Eastgardens,Eastlakes,Edgecliff,Elizabeth Bay,Enmore,Erskineville,Eveleigh,Forest Lodge,Glebe,Haberfield,Haymarket,Hillsdale,Hmas Kuttabul,Hmas Rushcutters,Hmas Watson,Kensington,Kingsford,La Perouse,Leichhardt,Lewisham,Lilyfield,Little Bay,Malabar,Maroubra,Maroubra South,Marrickville,Marrickville Metro,Marrickville South,Mascot,Matraville,Millers Point,Missenden Road,Moore Park,Newington,Newtown,North Bondi,Paddington,Pagewood,Parliament House,Petersham,Petersham North,Phillip Bay,Point Piper,Port Botany,Potts Point,Pyrmont,Queens Park,Randwick,Redfern,Rodd Point,Rose Bay,Rose Bay North,Rosebery,Rozelle,Rushcutters Bay,Russell Lea,South Coogee,St Peters,Stanmore,Surry Hills,Surry Hills,Sydenham,Sydney,Tamarama,Tempe,The Rocks,The University Of Sydney,Vaucluse,Waterloo,Watsons Bay,Waverley,Westgate,Woollahra,Woolloomooloo,Zetland,Summer Hill

Olga’s Testimonials

4 July 2013

 I’ve recently had Olga from Dogtech out to help me to train and understand my puppy, Florence.
Florence had previously had issues pulling on her lead, fear of people and an uneasiness around people on bikes and children after a bad experience as a young pup.
Walking on the lead was a workout, and while she was great in fenced dog parks with other dogs, there was no way I felt comfortable in letting her off in a leash free zone with no fences, and a whole bunch of distractions for her to chase.
To say the training was easy is far rom the truth, as Florence being an American Staffordshire Terrier, she is headstrong and loves to test the boundaries. We both pushed each others buttons for the first few weeks, and then it happened- there was a mutual understanding that when we walk, we aren’t going to get there any quicker by pulling, when bikes whizz past, they just aren’t that exciting and when kids skip and jump past, its just another person.
While there has been a few ups and downs since, the ultimate goal was to let her run with the other dogs in the park and have a great time as she should do, but come back when she is told. Im proud to say this this week, through lots of hard work and determination, its happened. Florence has even been coming back of her own accord to say thanks, with a huge grin on her face.

Life is so much easier now that we all understand how our relationship works, and I am thrilled that she can run with her friends in the park.
Id like to thank Olga for giving us the tools to make life easier, so that we can ALL enjoy time out and about as a little “family”.
Jess, Jon and Florence

23 March 2013

Dear Olga,

We were very much in need of help when we called DogTech a couple of months ago. My daughter’s much loved four-year-old spaniel, Zephyr is not just a dog but my grandsons’ best buddy.  My daughter was moving house, and did not have the landlord’s permission to keep Zephyr with them.

So Zephyr came to stay with ‘grandma’ – that’s me. And Zephyr just would not let me out of her sight. Maybe she felt that she might be ‘banished’ again. If I wentout anywhere, she cried loudly till I returned. And when I was at home, she followed me around constantly, with an anxious air about her. I tried to tire her out, with very long walks and letting her run around in the off-leash park, but that didn’t make any difference. I became practically housebound because I wanted to avoid Zephyr’s whining annoying the neighbours. Even so, one neighbour lodged a complaint with Council and the rangers paid me a visit.

My partner had suggested I try a dog whisperer, and I contacted Olga through the DogTech website. It was a huge relief to have Olga come into my home and meet the whole extended family, to assess how we could get through this. Olga advised us on how to change the way we were treating Zephyr, so that Zephyr would not be anxiously trotting around behind me everywhere I went in the house, and wailing when I was out of sight.

Olga also picked up on signs that Zephyr was manipulating us to make us show affection to her all the time. Olga talked us through the change in our habits that would stop Zephyr’s pattern of manipulative behaviour. Olga also showed us a better way to accommodate Zephyr in our house and yard, to support the training program that she advised us to carry out. Olga practised the training routines with us as a family, giving us feedback about the various steps and techniques. We were given a realistic prognosis of how many weeks it would take, in training, to bring Zephyr back as the relaxed, happy and well-mannered dog that we knew from earlier times.

With Olga’s advice and her hands-on assistance, we achieved fantastic results for Zephyr and for our extended family. And we have learned what we need to do from now on to maintain those results. Zephyr is relaxed either staying with the ‘grandparents’ or visiting back at home with my daughter and the boys. The dog is well-mannered at home and out walking with us in the street or running in the park. It is a very happy outcome for all of us. Big thanks to DogTech.

Kathryn, Glebe

20 March 2013

We would like to provide some feedback/a testimonial for our dog trainer, Olga of DogTech.

We recently engaged Olga to work with us and our Border Collie on a few behavioural issues.

Olga was extremely professional and knowledgeable; attending all appointments on time and well prepared for each one.

She effectively built a rapport with our dog ensuring she was positioned to make an efficient diagnosis of our problems and offer solutions.  She was very patient and helpful in teaching us tips and tricks to improve our dog’s on the leash behaviour.  This included spending a lot of time answering our questions even when they were outside of our allocated appointments.

We have seen some definite improvements in our dog’s on the leash behaviour and anxiety levels.  We look forward to further improvements as we continue to implement and practice what we learnt from Olga.

Tracey and Ben

6 September 2009

We called Olga from Dogtech because our Miniature Dachshund, Petal was experiencing separation anxiety and fearful aggression towards other dogs and people. When our friends would visit us at our home, Petal would bark continuously even though she was rather familiar with most of them and has known them since she was a puppy. When we would walk Petal we couldn’t stay and chat with other dog owners because she would bark continuously. At the dog park, Petal wouldn’t socialise with other dogs, she would cower at our feet and bark at anyone who approached.

When Olga came she helped us to implement a stable routine that suited our needs and helped Petal to become more relaxed. Through the detailed discussions we had with Olga, she explained to us the things we could change and techniques that would encourage Petal to have more confidence in us. Olga re-taught us how to walk and train Petal and start the process of desensitising her to other dogs and people. In the 4 weeks now since Olga’s home visits Petal has shown remarkable improvement. We now feel confident with the skills Olga taught us to help Petal improve her behaviour and become a happy, playful dog.

As a trainer Olga was very personable, a joy to work with and had great instincts regarding the problems Petal was experiencing. We certainly recommend Olga to anyone experiencing difficulties with their dog and we look forward to attending any further workshops.

S & P, Paddington

19 May, 2009

We have two female Weimaraners Bella (aged 6) and Gypsy (aged 7). We acquired Gypsy just over a year ago as a companion for Bella. Both dogs live an extremely happy and fulfilled life. However, the final straw came when they were both kicked out of doggie daycare for having aggression issues. I knew it was serious and now time to get some help. I called Olga from Dogtech and we immediately got straight to work. Olga scheduled three meetings and we would work with a format specially designed for the dogs:

back to basics: looking at the home environment; look, heel, sit, dealing with separation anxiety.

walking on a lead: you being in a relaxed and calm state and meeting dogs the correct way on a lead.

It was a massive learning curve for my partner and me. What made it easier was that Olga had a great calmness and assertiveness in her approach to the dogs. Olga also showed me how to behave as pack leader which was of paramount importance and would eventually change the behaviour of the dogs, giving you the respect you want from them. With time and perseverance, we both noticed how the dogs behaviour were slowly changing for the better. I cannot thank Olga enough in the tremendous difference she has made to all our lives.

KH, Tempe