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Having problems with your canine family member?

Dog scratching doorIS YOUR ADULT DOG REFUSING TO COOPERATE–trying to take charge as the ‘Top Dog’ in your family?
Is your dog refusing to come when called, ignoring you, or leading YOU on walks? Tired of getting angry at your dog? Wish things could be different?

Get started on the path to good behaviour TODAY!

Group training courses by DogTech® will assist you in achieving a fundamental level of control with your dog. We will share our Whisper Wise® training methods so you can maintain ‘Top Dog’ status.

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Socialization and social ability training is an integral part of the DogTech® Group Training course.

Your DogTech® Professional will also share with you the secrets of how dogs learn and how to use this understanding to correct common canine problems as well as how to teach your dog to obey basic commands that are essential learning for well-adjusted dogs–and their owners!

Group dog trainingDISCOVER DogTech’s® Whisper Wise® training methods developed by John Richardson, author of the best selling books, The Dog Whisperer® and Whispers of Wisdom®. Good behaviour is managed with positive motivation and rewards. No harsh methods are used.

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Brat Camp 4 K-9’s

Diploma Course–Level I Training Course

On completion of your three week course you and your dog are eligible to receive a graduation Diploma certifying completion of the DogTech® Brat Camp 4 K-9’s® — Level I Training Course.

Course Information

The DogTech® Level I Training Course is a three-week course suitable for dog’s age 20 weeks and older. Areas covered will include:

  • Socialization with other dogs
  • Basic obedience: sit-down-stay-walking without pulling-recall-sit and stay-down and stay
  • Be calm(er) in a training environment
  • Walk on a loose lead
  • Learn to perform and repeat desirable behaviour through voice and hand signals

By graduation YOU will have been exposed to effective methods of:

  • Reward based Whisper Wise® training
  • Training your dog using common commands
  • Reading and responding appropriately to your dogs body language
  • Motivating and rewarding your dog
  • Ensuring you and your family live harmoniously with your dog

You will learn the fundamentals of responsible dog ownership including the importance of proper nutrition; you will also learn how to avoid common mistakes that accidentally teach your dog bad behaviour often resulting in fears, phobias, and aggression.

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DogTech specializes in all Dog and Puppy behavioural problems.

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Diploma Course–Level II Obedience training

Course Information

Dogs and Owners completing Level I Group Obedience training may be eligible to attend Level II Obedience classes. This three week (one session per week) course will add an additional dimension to your dogs training and presentation. To find out more about this intermediate level Group Dog Training Course and/or your current eligibility status, click on the Request information button below.

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