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DogTech® Franchise Business Opportunities

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DogTech® Franchise owners agree, ‘ It’s a great business’

  • Excellent Income Potential
  • Great Lifestyle Business
  • Personal Rewards
  • Community Status
  • Growth Industry
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The Dog Whisperer® Needs You!

Are you looking for a lucrative business with more job satisfaction?

The phenomenal success of John Richardson’s best selling book, ‘The Dog Whisperer®’, word of mouth advertising from satisfied clients, and the explosive growth of the Global Pet Industry has generated unprecedented demand for DogTech®’s ‘Whisper Wise® training services & products.

To meet this demand, DogTech® is expanding our Franchise Pet Services/Dog Training Network.  We are currently accepting applications both within Australia and COUNTRY MASTER FRANCHISE available  for New Zealand, South Africa and India.   Regional Master Franchise and Exclusive Area Franchises available for Canada, United Kingdom and Singapore.

Canada India South Africa United Kingdom
United States Singapore New Zealand

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Why consider DogTech®?

Status, Lifestyle, Security, Satisfaction!

Our local Franchise partners enjoy professional status within the community, an enviable lifestyle with a flexible schedule, the financial security that comes with ownership of a successful business, the business security of belonging to an expert organization, and the personal satisfaction of providing a much needed service for families, animals, and the community.

DogTech® International System Support.

The DogTech® System operates on the basis that our franchise partners are, ‘In business FOR themselves, but NOT BY THEMSELVES’.

Training and support is provided in all areas of the business.

John (The Dog Whisperer®) Richardson’s thirty years of experience has resulted in our unique ‘Whisper Wise® training method based on the psychology of the domestic dogs instinctive pack behaviour.

John oversees the training of all DogTech® associates in our gentle and intelligent method of communicating with problem pets.

DogTech® Training is a great way to make a living!

If you appreciate  mans best friend, enjoy helping people, and would like to earn your living in a global growth business with sensational rewards, security, and personal satisfaction, you will want to learn more about the DogTech® opportunities.

Home based business

Unlike many expensive franchises that come with crippling start-up costs, DogTech® can be run from home with no special equipment and no need for commercial lease overheads/commitments.

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Why is DogTech® such a great business?

One of the most rewarding parts of being a DogTech® trainer is the joy of helping families and dogs discover how to live together in harmony. A trained dog is a happy and safe dog. Dog owners seek help for many reasons; barking, aggression, chasing cars, wandering off, proper leash walking techniques, or to get their dogs to follow simple commands, to name a few.

Flexible schedule

Dogtech® Franchise operators discover they have more time for family, friends, and hobbies — while earning an income many others only dream of achieving.

DogTech® trainers are the answer to the prayers of dog owners who love their dogs, but cannot personally deal with the barking, house breaking, or other behaviour issues. Unfortunately, every year, thousands of dogs end up at local shelters because owners cannot solve their dog’s behaviour problems–problems that can generally be corrected in only one or two sessions with the DogTech trainer using our ‘Whisper Wise®’ training.

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Do you need dog training experience?

Even if you are a complete beginner, the DogTech certification program is designed to have you ‘up and earning’ with our ‘Whisper Wise®’ training system very quickly. After you complete your training, we will be there to help and support you.

Remember, ‘you will be in business FOR yourself, but NOT BY YOURSELF’.

Is DogTech® the business for you?

Do you appreciate dogs? Do you possess good communication skills? Do you enjoy teaching and training others? Are you highly motivated to build a successful business and committed to success? Do you desire a flexible schedule and freedom from the 9 to 5 grind?

If the answer is ‘yes’, submit your DogTech Franchise Opportunity Information request TODAY.

Upon receipt of your request, we will provide you additional information that will assist you in determining your interest in moving forward.

Australia & New Zealand:

Are you currently a resident of Australia or New Zealand?

Dogtech® currently has Regional Master Franchise, Exclusive Area territories, and Area Specialist Franchise opportunities available in Australia & New Zealand.

If you are ready for a more rewarding lifestyle, you will want to learn more about these excellent Dogtech® opportunities.

To view the Dogtech® Queensland Franchise Business opportunity video featuring Dogtech® Queensland Master Franchisee Justin Jordan -

Queensland Franchise opportunity video- click here

Join the Champions @ Dogtech International--Meet some of our Dogtech Champions in Action on the slide show below.

Require business finance? Dogtech® can assist you in sourcing traditional business finance, or ask about our Dogtech® In-house finance program–available to approved purchasers (TAP).  Conditions apply.

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Are you looking for a Growth Industry?

The Global Pet industry is enjoying explosive growth. Many experts are calling it ‘the next big thing’ in business opportunities due to global social and economic trends.

Did you know?

Global: the global Pet Industry is considered ‘recession proof’ growing around 3% annually since 1998.

Global: the world market for pet supplies and pet services currently exceeds US$60 billion.

Australia: over 37% of Australian households have a dog. There are almost 4 million pet dogs in the country. Australians may own more pet dogs per capita than any other country.

United Kingdom: there are over 7.3 million pet dogs in the UK. 60% of single people in the UK buy a pet for companionship–39% of which have replaced their partner with a pet!

Canada: there are approximately 3.5 million pet dogs in Canada. The new generation of pet owners is willing to pay top dollar for premium pet products and services.

India: India is estimated to have over 3.6 million pet dogs in the six major cities alone.

South Africa: SA is reported to have over 9 million pet dogs.

China: keeping pets is becoming all the rage among the affluent in China with an estimated pet dog population over 23 million.

United States: in the trend setting USA, 40 million households account for over 77 million pet dogs. Americans are expected to spend $US2.2 billion MORE on their pets in 2009 than in 2008!

Global: especially in stressful times, focusing on pets can make people more at ease. People find animals comforting.

People care about their pets now more than ever before.

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