Pet Festival Blacktown Council

Anita Strong of Dogtech Hills District (Sydney) attended the Pet Festival held by Blacktown Council.  Anita reported as follows.

It was a great day at the Pet Festival with Blacktown City Council, held at the Animal Holding Facility on 30 October. Despite the heavy downpour for about 20 mintues, the turnout was good with over 1,500 visitiors with their dogs and a cat! I delivered a demonstration on training tips with Chum Chum, which was well received by the audience. Chum, of course, was a star on the day as he showed off his tricks and paraded around proudly in his DogTech T shirt. The event was a fantastic opportunity to reacquaint with previous clients, meet potential customers, talk to people in the dog industry and build relationship and credibility with the Council.

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