Our Philosophy

Dogtech's Philosophy

Dogtech believes our canine friends have a natural desire to be a contributing member of our human family ‘pack'; that most problems we encounter are communication failures; that dogs and humans can communicate and live in harmony by learning the principals of our Whisper Wise methods; and promises that we will strive to share our proven, gentle training/communication methods and support the welfare of animals within our areas of operation.

‘Until one has loved an animal, part of one’s soul remains unawakened’. --Anatole France

Dogtech Founder John Richardson is a specialist in interpreting canine body language. He has developed a unique training method for DogTech International Trainers based on the psychology of the domestic dog’s instinctive pack behaviour.

Good behaviour is managed with positive motivation and rewards. NO harsh methods are used (including NO use of correction / training / chain collars).

Our  individual, In-Home behavioural modification sessions, Puppy Pre-schools, and Group adolescent classes, will teach all dog owners our gentle, intelligent, Whisper Wise method of communication with your pet.

Dogtech Trainers specialize in all dog and puppy behaviour problems.

Whether you have a problem dog… or a dog with problems — we can help.’