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My name is Rodney Tay — I am the Master Franchisee for DogTech® International in Singapore. I also personally operate our DogTech® Singapore East Central Pet Services/Dog Training Area.

Myself and the rest of the DogTech® team in Singapore are inspired to help everyone understand their four legged friends better — and to share the secrets of the gentle, reward based, Whisper Wise® Training & Communication methods with you.

My life’s motto has always been ‘just do it’. Everyday that I have lived, I consider a blessing. My previous business background includes 20 years in the Services, Advertising, Internet marketing, Operations, and even the Airline ( as a flight attendant ) Industries. I have been married 8 years to my lovely wife Vivien who also loves dogs, and helps me in our business.

Our Dog

Our first family dog is a 7 year old female beagle. She was 5 months old when we got her, and she has grown to be real princess. Her never-ending antics and unconditional love make her a wonderful companion – we are truly blessed to have such wonderful dog.

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Our DogTech® Services & Products

We offer the full range of DogTech® Services & Products throughout Singapore including:

  • Puppy Schools by DogTech®
  • In-home puppy set-up by DogTech®
  • Group adolescent dog training by DogTech®
  • In-home behaviour training by DogTech®
  • Exclusive Whisper Wise® doggy products

Our aim at DogTech® Singapore is to help all dog owners build a happy and harmonious relationship with their dog through sharing our gentle, rewards based methods.

Remember, ‘ Whether you are planning on raising the perfect puppy, have a problem dog, or a dog with problems .. ...we can help’.

To request more information,  to make a reservation for Puppy School or Group Classes, or to request a visit in your Home– Click Here


22 November 2010

” Rodney instantly connected with my dog and could really read my dog’s behaviour. He was gentle, patient, and effective with her.”

“He is an excellent trainer.”

” My dog is 3 years old and still was not leash trained or properly socialized to other dogs. Rodney quickly showed us how to leash train our dog, but also was able to get her to be calm and even friendly around other dogs.”

“Rodney is full of  ( DogTech® training ) ideas on how to manage all kinds of problem behaviors.”

Regards, Liz N –Singapore

Franchise business opportunity

Dogtech® is expanding in Singapore. If you are searching for an excellent business opportunity, and appreciate the companionship of dogs — I would like to discuss the opportunity of becoming a DogTech® Trainer/Behaviorist with you.

Please take a moment to review our Franchise Business Opportunity section, and Request your Franchise business opportunity kit without obligation…

…’ It’s a great business’.

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