The Dog Whisperers® Basic Obedience DVD Combo Kit I

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The Dog Whisperers® reward based, positive reinforcement training methods rely on leadership & love – a calming word, an encouraging pat, and a tasty treat—to reward our dogs for good behaviour.

The Dog Whisperers® recommended healthy, ALL NATURAL Whisper Wise® Training Treats are included in this Basic Obedience DVD Combo Kit.

Includes one Dog Whisperer® Basic Obedience DVD

Includes two large 150gram Whisper Wise Liver Delights™ Training treats

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The Dog Whisperer®’s Basic Obedience DVD is the essential companion to John Richardson’s best selling book, The Dog Whisperer®.

Easy step-by-step training. Using easy steps, John demonstrates simple and effective ways to make your dog the well-behaved, loveable family pet that you desire—with you always in control.

Learn Whisper Wise® training techniques. See John demonstrate his famous positive motivation, reward based, Whisper Wise® training methods—absolutely no harsh methods are used.

The Dog Whisperer®’s unique training method is based on his extensive knowledge of the dogs pack mentality. During an information-packed group training session, John teaches dog owners how to become the leader of their pack using basic skills.

Learning basic Obedience will give your dog a foundation for training for the rest of it’s life.

Whisper shows how. During the ‘Whisper Shows How’ segment, John teaches commands with his dog, Whisper including:

  • Power sit
  • Motivation sit
  • Sit/Stay
  • Watch
  • Happy recall
  • Long recall
  • Lead etiquette

Bonus home video footage: See the Dog Whisperer®’s Stage magic with his dog, Whisper.